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McArthur High School Scholarships

To honor his alma mater, Dr. Henry sponsors two scholarship opportunities for his former high school community. The first scholarship is an academic award for a football player; another is an award for any McArthur student to further their post-secondary education.

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Mind 2 Power Scholarships

Dr. Henry sponsors two individual scholarships through his company. One scholarship is an academic award for student athletes; another is an artistic award for dancers.

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Randolph High School Scholarships

Through a partnership with the Randolph High School community, Dr. Henry sponsors an academic scholarship for student athletes.

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Regis Diverse Educators Scholarship

The Regis College Diverse Educator (RDE) Scholarship is a full-tuition, four-year (fall and spring semester) undergraduate scholarship for residential students committed to the field of education and to serving underrepresented populations in education. RDE recipients must live on campus, maintain good academic status, and remain full-time students. The RDE is available to recipients no more than eight (8) semesters of undergraduate study. RDE recipients will convene throughout the academic year and participate in ongoing co-curricular activities.

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