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Dr. Dariel “DT” Henry is the Director of TRIO at Bristol Community College in Fall River, Massachusetts, after serving two years as Director of TRIO Student Support Services at Massasoit Community College in Brockton, Massachusetts. Prior to his leadership in TRIO, Dr. Henry was an Academic Advisor at Dean College where, in 2015, he implemented strategies that increased retention of football student-athletes by 50%. He is also a professor of Criminal Justice, Organizational Behavior, and Sociology. In addition, DT earned his doctoral degree at Johnson and Wales University in Educational Leadership in 2016, and his dissertation topic titled: Effective Strategies for Recruiting African American Males into Undergraduate Teacher Education Programs.


His research interests include recruiting male educators, inclusion, cultural proficiency and relativism, social justice, and mass incarceration. DT has also served numerous administrative roles in Higher Education, including, academic advising, residential life, student activities, student support services, technology, and instruction.

His professional goals are to help implement innovative solutions for supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds, recruiting and retention, promoting and building cultural proficiency and relativism through educational workshops, and sharing best practices.

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